The South Africa HVAC industry is fractured. With six to ten thousnad independent air-conditioning contractors operating throughout South Africa, there exists a need for a top service national SME Air Conditioning brand was Founded based on this need. Our goal? ( To be a highly visible, leading group of SME Air-conditioning Dealers with group aligned values to provide professional service measured at the highest industry standards.)

We're a young dynamic company, positioned to be a disruptive force in the local HVAC industry, Our unique model allows us to be highly selective into whom we invite into our system. All 0800-BE-COOL Members are Each Dynamic, Industry Proven Air-conditioning professionals in there respective regions.


Our system not only allows member contractors to strategically position themselves as leading air-conditioning professionals in there respective areas, but also provides members with a range of benefits ranging from vital support services, to marketing infrastructure. and strategic partnerships that create value, cost savings and business opportunities for new, and current members. with access to economies of scale attributed to a national group with national visibility and brand awareness.

Currently comprising of ? independent members covering all of the 9 provinces,

0800-BE-COOL continues to grow year-on-year to expand it’s service to all major centres across South Africa. 

Here We grow!